November 18, 2022 – Round Rock, Texas:

The Health Resources and Services Administration has approved a federal grant to Texas State University’s College of Health Professions, St. David’s School of Nursing to enhance nurse education and strengthen the nursing workforce through expansion of experiential learning using innovative simulation-based technology. This will address complex population health needs and health disparities among individuals, families, and communities.

The priorities for this project are providing education in new technologies (including distance learning); providing care for underserved and high risk populations such as the elderly, those living with HIV/AIDS, individuals with substance use disorders, people living in homelessness, and victims of domestic violence; developing skills to support practice in new and changing healthcare systems, especially on interprofessional teams; and to improve retention of nurses and enhance the care of patient populations. Maternal mortality, mental health linkage to services, opioid misuse, obesity, and HIV/AIDS will all be addressed in the project through a special focus on populations in rural, border, and underserved areas.

In partnership with Redmer Productions and using the B.L.A.D.E. platform, Clinical Assistant Professor Monica Hughes will take the lead to develop the competency measurements that will be implemented into the clinical simulation. The product will begin early trials in September 2023 and will launch for nursing students in the Spring of 2024.